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Update info:-

- Add Silver/Gold coins at shop by gold ( at ChaosReborn Shop-Extra tab )

- Job Temple mobs damage has been fixed - Arena prices event has been finished

- Isis/Anubis drop Silver/Gold coins 3~5 (100% rate)

- Isis/Anubis HP has been decreased - Add Immortal drop to Job Unique 1~2 (100% rate) at Job Room

- Add new trans pet 6m speed at the shop

- Job limit is already 2 not the same build

- Switch weapon system has been enabled (PM our [BOT]System with Switch Weapons) - FW limit is 2 char per PC

Hint: Arena dropped at FGW mobs with high rate ( each FGW gives 200 arena )
More Auto Events has been add:-
  • LPN: Lucky Party Number (time: 5 pm-11 pm)
  • LGC: Lucky Global Chat (time: 7 pm)
  • LPC: Lucky Private Chat (time: 8 pm)
  • KGM: Kill GM (time: 10 pm)
  • LMS: Last Man Standing (time: 6 pm-9 pm)
Rewards: Silk
Unique Event will be enabled soon.

Update info-

- Chaos Boss unique HP has been decreased
- Kidemonas unique HP has been decreased
- EGY A arena price has been decreased (50%)
- FGW mobs drop arena now (each mob 1~2 arena)
- Add upgrade scroll from Nova +12 no adv to EGY A at Item Mall
- Daily event [Team Events] at 10:00 PM (server time) will start from tomorrow
- Hunters/Thieves NPC mobs has been decreased
- Job Limit has been increased to 2 per PC (not the same job) for limited time
- Arena Coin icon has been changed to Original Icon
- Add Switch Weapons system at [BOT]System for EGY only
- Add 3m SP Scroll to the new chars
Hint: Use the scroll after Reborn.

... and more fixes. Regards

Update info:-

- EGY A EU/CH shield has been add at NPC by arena
- FGW books (talismans) drop rate has been increased
- Add Arena Coins drop at some uniques
>Ghost Sereness 1* drop (10-15 arena) (FGW unique)
>Ghost Sereness 2* drop (10-15 arena) (FGW unique)
>Ghost Sereness 3* drop (10-15 arena) (FGW unique)
>Ghost Sereness 4* drop (10-15 arena) (FGW unique)
>Kidemonas drop (15-20 arena)
Kidmonas spawn at 3 places, each spot appear every 5h
- Advanced HWT (lvl3) unique HP has been decreased
- Job Temple unique (Isis-Anubis..etc) dmg has been fixed
- Job Unique(at Job Room) Room dmg fixed (He'll not attack back)

.... and more fixes

Restart Info:-

- Add mobs 90~99 at Constantinople
- Remove Beginner Premium has been fixed from [BOT]System
- Fixed Captain Ivy HP
- Add Demon Shaitan and Lord yarkan normal unique
- Auto Equipment fixed to give SUN
- Item mall works from the yellow box in your right for now

> Daily R.W silks has been enabled [ Restart ur acc to get ur reward limit 1/PC] ]


Chaos Reborn

Hello everyone, basically Chaos Reborn was lvl 140. But we all know that higher cap isn't that good for all ppl.
We have made a changes to our game and change it to a beloved cap which is 110

So welcome all to Chaos Reborn cap 110 with the original system. Well, we have made our touch to make it enjoyable for all and don't get bored.

Our G.O at 5/4/2019. Wait for it.


Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 77 / 3000

    Server is : ONLINE
  • Cap 110
  • Degree 11
  • Race EU/CH
  • Type PVE
  • EXP 40x
  • Party EXP 80x
  • Drop Items 10x
  • Drop Gold 2x
  • Fortress War [Bandit]
  • Auto Events Daily
  • Weekly Event Available
  • Max Plus 12 no ADV
  • PC (HWID) Limit 8
  • Guild Limit 30
  • Union Limit 2
  • Buffers Enabled


  • Servertime: 17:15:47
  • Fortresswar:
  • FW Register: Every Day
  • Battle:
  • JobWar:
  • LPN:
  • LGC:
  • LPC:
  • KGM:
  • LMS:


Last 10 Unique Kills

  • Love2SeeUCry has killed Demon Shaitan 00:56:21 ago

  • Elsa has killed Cerberus 01:16:14 ago

  • Love2SeeUCry has killed Captain Ivy 01:19:00 ago

  • Elsa has killed Uruchi 01:21:51 ago

  • Elsa has killed TigerGirl 01:23:07 ago

  • GoodWizard has killed Isyutaru 01:26:17 ago

  • GoodWizard has killed Kidemonas 01:48:18 ago

  • Elsa has killed Lord Yarkan 01:53:35 ago

  • Elsa has killed Job Unique 02:14:05 ago

  • ChupaCabras has killed Kidemonas 02:46:27 ago