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Update info:-

Hi everyone, its time to release our new idea/update
I hope you like it
- Add talisman scroll at the 3 new unique
- New unique appear at the Daily Unique Event (11:00 PM server time)
- Add 2 new attack pets instant lvl 110
- Ostrich/Uruchi attack pet size has been fixed
- Warlock lvl12-13 debuffs has been fixed
- Edit max stuck HP-MP to 1000
- Fight/Job rooms remove from jangan and now at Hotan
- Trade pets HP has been increased from 300k to 550k
- Behemoth/Lizard HP has been increased to 650k
- Behemoth/Lizard speed has been increased to 5.5m
- Roc HP has been decreased
- Avatar prices has been fixed
- Add new Pharaoh Dog

New C H A O S Letters Event:-


- We have got a new idea for a new event just for CHAOS Reborn players.
- Simply, collect the letters and get your reward
- Unique spawn at all Samarkand areas
- Unique spawn every 2h random at Samarkand map
- There is a 17 Ghost unique will appear all over Samarkand

- V I P = 10% Premium
- G O D S = GodBlessing
- D E V I L = Advanced Devil
- C H A O S = Package Scroll

Package scroll items = 10% premium + GodBless..etc

C H A O S letters Event

C H A O S letters Event is COMING SOON ..

R.W: Package Scroll (Items: wait for it )

Update info:-

** EGY B is OUT NOW **
Hi guys, lately we noticed that our players count has been decreased (they left ?? or waiting for a good update) or cus they have the last tier ofc.
So we decided to release EGY B and change the whole system to make it playable and enjoyable for all new and old players.
Now our system based on Arena Coins and its dropped from 106+ mobs.
????Lets go to the details????

** Update info **
- Our main town now is Jangan
- Npcs and our BOTs now at jangan
- Wizard skills style back to original style
- Add new +16 glow
- Add Weapon style for EGY A
- Add Weapon style for EGY B
- Weapon style scrolls at NPC ( Module tab )
- 50% DMG skill has been removed from Isis
- Defense/reflect skill has been removed from Isis
- Isis/Anubis HP has been decreased
- Add new avatars at npc
- Add 3m SP scroll at npc for gold
- Arena Coins dropped now from 106~110 mobs
- Arena coins drop has been removed from FGW mobs
- EGY A price has been changed to arena coin
- Max Skill has been fixed for CH
- Max Skill has been fixed for EU
- Fixed all visual issues with our sro_client (pt match, mastery skill limit.... etc)
- Improve our filter stability
- Switch Weapon system has been enabled again

..... and more fixes

** How to get Arena Coin:-
> Drop from mobs 106~110

** How to get EGY A items:-
> Wep: from FGW
> Set/Acc: by arena at NPC
> Shield: by arena at NPC

** How to get EGY B items:-
> Upgrade EGY A +10 no adv to EGY B (scroll at item mall)

** Next Update **:-
> Add the new uniques at the map and drop ( Talisman scrolls )
> Fix F10 button


Update info:-

- Add Silver/Gold coins at shop by gold ( at ChaosReborn Shop-Extra tab )

- Job Temple mobs damage has been fixed - Arena prices event has been finished

- Isis/Anubis drop Silver/Gold coins 3~5 (100% rate)

- Isis/Anubis HP has been decreased - Add Immortal drop to Job Unique 1~2 (100% rate) at Job Room

- Add new trans pet 6m speed at the shop

- Job limit is already 2 not the same build

- Switch weapon system has been enabled (PM our [BOT]System with Switch Weapons) - FW limit is 2 char per PC

Hint: Arena dropped at FGW mobs with high rate ( each FGW gives 200 arena )
More Auto Events has been add:-
  • LPN: Lucky Party Number (time: 5 pm-11 pm)
  • LGC: Lucky Global Chat (time: 7 pm)
  • LPC: Lucky Private Chat (time: 8 pm)
  • KGM: Kill GM (time: 10 pm)
  • LMS: Last Man Standing (time: 6 pm-9 pm)
Rewards: Silk
Unique Event will be enabled soon.

Update info-

- Chaos Boss unique HP has been decreased
- Kidemonas unique HP has been decreased
- EGY A arena price has been decreased (50%)
- FGW mobs drop arena now (each mob 1~2 arena)
- Add upgrade scroll from Nova +12 no adv to EGY A at Item Mall
- Daily event [Team Events] at 10:00 PM (server time) will start from tomorrow
- Hunters/Thieves NPC mobs has been decreased
- Job Limit has been increased to 2 per PC (not the same job) for limited time
- Arena Coin icon has been changed to Original Icon
- Add Switch Weapons system at [BOT]System for EGY only
- Add 3m SP Scroll to the new chars
Hint: Use the scroll after Reborn.

... and more fixes. Regards

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 58 / 3000

    Server is : ONLINE
  • Cap 110
  • Degree 11
  • Race EU/CH
  • Type PVE
  • EXP 40x
  • Party EXP 80x
  • Drop Items 10x
  • Drop Gold 2x
  • Fortress War [Bandit]
  • Auto Events Daily
  • Weekly Event Available
  • Max Plus 12 no ADV
  • PC (HWID) Limit 8
  • Guild Limit 30
  • Union Limit 2
  • Buffers Enabled


  • Servertime: 18:08:21
  • Fortresswar:
  • FW Register: Every Day
  • Battle:
  • JobWar:
  • LPN:
  • LGC:
  • LPC:
  • KGM:
  • LMS:


Last 10 Unique Kills

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  • Elsa has killed Ghost Sung 00:50:06 ago

  • Devill has killed Ghost Sung 01:02:37 ago

  • Devill has killed Ghost Sung 01:04:45 ago

  • RAKISIKLIMM has killed TigerGirl 01:49:31 ago

  • Dex has killed Captain Ivy 02:09:17 ago

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  • Elsa has killed Ghost Sung 02:13:15 ago